Roof Cleaning

Does your roof need cleaning? If so, Xterior Cleaning & Restoration can remove and revive your streaked, molded, and mildewed roof to look as if it were new again.

Xterior Cleaning & Restoration is now offering roof cleaning and guarantees satisfactory results. Many companies believe that high pressure cleans and removes black streaks, mold, and mildew from roofs. While this may be true, high pressure damages shingles and can even create holes in the roofing.

Xterior Cleaning & Restoration offers an alternative solution to ensure your roof receives the proper cleaning treatment while not damaging your shingles. Xterior Cleaning & Restoration uses a soft-wash system that is applied at no more than 50 psi. Our spraying systems coat and adhere to your shingles in order to break down even the toughest stains. The longer the chemical is allowed to sit, the better the results.

Typically, we schedule roof washing with projected rain in the forecast 2-3 days after the initial cleaning. You will not see immediate results; however, after the first rain, the roof will look as good as new! This not only deep cleans your roof, but it also gives the chemical time to neutralize itself.

Our process includes bagging the downspouts, wetting all windows and vegetation, and spraying the siding to eliminate any over spray. For pricing, call Xterior Cleaning & Restoration today!