New Construction Services

Do you have red mud and dust covering your new construction property? Need freshly laid brick mortar removed to enhance your property? Xterior Cleaning & Restoration prides themselves in the best new construction clean up in the industry. Services include parking lot cleanup, interior/exterior dust removal, new concrete cleaning and acid washing, red mud removal, mortar removal, interior paint removal, brick and concrete sealant and much more. For pricing, call Xterior Cleaning & Restoration today!

Brick Cleaning

Xterior Cleaning & Restoration offers various new construction services. Our focus is to ensure the customer is satisfied with their new investment once we are finished. Removing mortar from brick is one of many new construction jobs we provide.

Red Mud Removal

Is heavy equipment tracking mud, dirt and grime through your commercial job-site? Xterior Cleaning & Restoration offers all types of mud removal services throughout the community.

Parking Lot Cleaning

Keeps the appearance of your property looking top-notch. Schedule today to have you parking lot safely cleaned with guarantee of no “zebra stripes.” We use low pressure and no chemicals to properly clean and remove all the dirt and grime from your parking lot.

Interior Dust Removal

Xterior Cleaning & Restoration offers dust removal for all commercial job-sites upon completion.