Historical Restoration

Are you looking to clean, restore or enhance your historical property? There is no one better in the industry for all of your historical restoration needs. At Xterior Cleaning & Restoration we understand that historical properties require a level of care far greater than typical jobs. We utilize proper methods and take the necessary time to properly clean, restore and enhance all historical properties. We are constantly evolving our methods and equipment to ensure nothing but satisfaction.

Xterior Cleaning & Restoration has brought life into several large projects from the early 1900s that are on display in the community today. Trust no one else to work on your investments. For pricing, call Xterior Cleaning & Restoration today!

Lead Paint Removal

If your property was built before 1978, it is likely you have lead paint. According to the EPA, deteriorating lead paint, lead contaminated dust, and lead contaminated soil can all cause lead paint poisoning Xterior Cleaning & Restoration offers lead paint removal services and environmental recovery efforts. Our solvents are unsurpassed in the industry and provide only the best results. Xterior Cleaning & Restoration guarantees to properly clean and remove any lead paint and runoff with our EPA approved reclamation systems.

Low Pressure Cleaning

Historical jobs require a certain level of expertise and caution. Don’t let someone come to your historical property and use high pressure and harmful chemicals. Xterior Cleaning & Restoration has a reputation for taking care of projects as if they are their own.

Wood Repair

Does your historical property need maintenance but you are afraid to tackle it on your own? Xterior Cleaning & Restoration not only focuses on pressure washing but we are highly trained and capable of working on any and all historical projects.


Gaskets, caulking and seals help preserve the integrity of a building or home. Over time, caulking and rubber gaskets will shrink and weather allowing water to penetrate the surface. Once a leak is noticed, it is important to stop it as soon as possible. Xterior Cleaning & Restoration is able to locate leaks and properly seal them to prevent any further damage. We offer preventive maintenance services that include: waterproofing, water leak repair, inspecting and applying caulk, gaskets and seals, silicone caulking, wet glazing, repairing control joints and more.