Gutter Cleaning

Are your gutters clogged? Do you have pine straw, tree debris, leaves and dirt overflowing from your gutters? Don’t let just anyone blow out your gutters with a leaf blower leaving a mess behind. It is important to keep your gutters maintained properly year around. Improperly kept gutters result in flooded basements, rotten wood, cracked foundations, and create a breeding ground for insects.

Xterior Cleaning & Restoration cleans out all debris by hand and flushes the downspouts with low pressurized water. Once the gutter cleaning is complete, we will blow off all shrubs; walkways, decks and driveways making it appear as if we were never there. For pricing, call Xterior Cleaning & Restoration today!

Gutter Brightening

Do your gutters have black streaks, mold or mildew making them appear dated and unkempt? Do not be fooled into painting over them. There is a two-step process to properly clean and remove these stains. Xterior Cleaning & Restoration will first remove the mold and mildew with 12.5% sodium. Then each gutter is scrubbed by hand with a chemical that is guaranteed to take all the streaks off your gutters.