As organizations continue to evolve, traditional financial measurements of success have expanded to include intangible assets such as employee amenities and workplace satisfaction. By addressing facility maintenance and repairs right away, our dependable exterior support can help your corporation meet these goals. Our objective is to deliver high quality services that emphasize accountability, are operationally flexible, environmentally responsible and cost effective for your bottom line.


As exterior experts in the repair and restoration of specialized facilities, we are driven towards providing the highest quality of service to our government agency leaders and their customers. What makes us different? Disciplined project management is our foundation for ensuring results that are on schedule, on budget and on quality.


At Xterior Cleaning & Restoration, we’re proud of our work in this sector, as we believe well-maintained healthcare facilities promote the healing process.  We strive to help reduce the strain of an unexpected visit through professional, first-rate cleaning excellence that sets the stage for the performance of the caregivers within.

Higher Education

We recognize your campus environment is instrumental for recruiting and retaining exceptional students, faculty, and staff. Our exterior experts will work closely with you to develop a strategy to ensure that both your structures and their surroundings are maintained to a standard that supports your educational mission, and celebrates the physical history of your unique campus.


Xterior Cleaning & Restoration is a leader in the repair and restoration of landmark destinations. We believe that the state of a hospitality property fundamentally wields profound influence upon its customers and patrons.


We tailor our approach to the needs of our residential clients based on an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of each site. All of our projects are designed from start to finish to your budget and schedule.

Science & Technology

Science and technology facilities are inherently complex. They are hugely expensive business investments, but they are also the places where your employees live out their day-to-day. Our extensive industry experience and disciplined attention to detail has earned us respect as a leader in cleaning, restoring and repairing research, manufacturing and medical device facilities.


Stadiums, arenas, ballparks, racetracks and practice facilities. At Xterior Cleaning & Restoration, we service all these and more, ensuring that each fan’s experience remains top-notch.